Combustion Business Unit imports and supplies Burner with high performanceand energy saving from Italy and Germany. It provides the model of MonoBlock (Ecoflam, Elco) and Separated Block (Esapyronics) which canbe used with Diesel, Heavy Oil, LPG, and NGV system. Besides, some seriesare equipment with a dual system where customers can use either Gas orOil as their alternatives. This dual system is a good choice for the customersconsidering the current situation, when the market price of bath Oil and Gasis highly uctuated. For your convenience and cost saving, we also provideyou with our engineering team who can assist you to do a system installation.Additionally, our alliance such as PTT and Unique gas, who are Thailand’swell-known gas distributor, can support and help you to organize the licenseapplication process and the construction of gas supply station. Moreover,we also have the experts, who can install specific types of gasoline Burner.

Our products are widely used in all types of businesses, such as Incinerator.Oven, Boiler, Melting steel, Industrial flyer, Painting system, Ceramic etc.These presences guarantee out best quality and services.