engineering project sales

Our EPS Business Unit distributeds large machinery equipped with special features such as Industrial fan & blower, Compressor, Hugh-Voltage Motor,Generator, Electrical Transformer, Gear, Agitator and all kinds of product which suitably serve the demand of heavy industries like Sugar, Cemnet, Steel,Petrochemical & Rening, Electricity, Water Supply & distribution and others

Our corporate philosophy focuses mainly on the customer satisfaction.Therefore, the delivery of our products and services must accurately servecustomer’s demand in the areas of quality, efciency, reliability, and life-time usage.

The scope of our service ranges from planning, purchasing, engineeringdesign in corporation with the project owner, production, product testing, delivery,documentation, technical support, maintenance, installation, and excellent othersales service. Constantly working on the basis of the company philosophyleads out products and services to be well accepted by the large sizedindustrial today.