TN Group realizes on the importance of the after sales service, so weset up the service unit under the name “Service Guru”, which ha s strongexpertise in the engineering, maintenance, installation work, and system analysis

  • Vibration Service
  • Alignment Service
  • Balance & Field Balance Service
  • Insulation Testing
  • Power Consumption Analysis
  • Maintenance and Over Haul Motors
  • Pressure & Flow Testing Service
  • Spare Part
  • All Products After Sale Service
  • Preventive Maintenance Service

This unit is equipped with modern and highly accurate analyzers such asField balancing machine, Laser alignment instrument, Vibration analysis instrument,Flow and pressure measurement instrument, etc. Moreover, “Service Guru”is composed of effective engineering, and maintenance team, and also providesproduct Preventive Maintenance program. This can ensure the customers thatthey will always get excellent pre-sale and after sales services from our company.