water pump

TN Group’s Water Pump division becomes a leader in water systemfor every industry such as agricultural sector, real-estate sector and high building.We offer various types of water pump including Centrifugal Water Pump.Submersible Pump and Automatic Home Pump under the board "VENZ","FORAS", "CNP", "TERAL", "Tosaki" and "Kubota". These water pumps areproduced by the ISO9001 certied factory, which specializes its productionline on the production of Water Pump under the brand "VENZ". Additionally,We also distribute high quality water pump from Italy under the brand "FORAS","CNP", and "TERAL", which are suitable to be used in large water distributionsystem used by Waterworks Authority, RID, Industries, Agriculture etc.

We Supply the high quality and durable water pump produced bythe technology that emphasizes an energy saving and safety. Besides,we provide a team of engineers who can give an advice and also designthe water distribution system.