About us

TN Group is Thailand’s leading company in the production and import of industry-related products. With 50-year experience since the establishment of the company until present, the company has had a strong intention to offer and deliver the quality products to the end-customers. Currently, TN Group owns three production facilities, which work separately based on the specialization of each production line.

Plant A

Electric Motor, Water pump and Industrial Fan production factory

Plant B

Industrial fan and Blower, pollution control system production factory

Plant C

Production of an electric fan specially used inside a building.

To be the leading service provider in the industrial sector, apart from owing our own production lines, our company also import other industrial-related products, which reach international standard, and being accepted worldwide, to response to the customer demand in the market. We are the exclusive sole distributor of many products such as Electric Motor, Motor Gear, Several Gear Reducers, Industrial power transmission equipment. Industrial pump, plumping system, Burner, Inverter, AC Motor Drive or other Automation systems, Pollution control system. Agricultural equipment, and Industrial related products.