CEO Message

We are committed to do business to be number one of industry to meet customer satisfaction. So we develop the potential of the organization either production, distribution, service and working models under 3 parts of the main challenges

1. On the development of the manufacturing. Due to higher competition in present both of domestic and overseas by free trade policy FTA and AEC which destroyed the walls of tariff for import-export. So we are challenged to develop a manufacturing to have more potential.
In terms of the cost management for design and manufacture, adaption to ready for competition with group of business from overseas such as countries in AEC, China, etc.
Also build the strength and increase opportunities for higher business competitive in the future.

2. On the expansion of sales and marketing.Due to higher competition today, we have the challenge to expand the market to cover whole country and ASEAN to strengthen the brand and increase market share in the future.

3. On the standards of accounting and Financing. Due to account and finance is a priority to develop the organization to success. We therefore realized the importance and challenges of raising standards of accounting and finance systems to be international standards along with system reorganization to prepare entry to the Stock Exchange in the future.

Moreover, we also committed and operated according to the vision to be the leader in Industrial Market in Thailand and expand coverage to ASEAN market. Also prepare to take part in the stock market by the year 2562.

Mr. Kitti Chungsawanant
Chief Executive Officer