TN Group is a manufacturer and import-export company. Also be a leader in distribute industrial products in Thailand and ASEAN region which currently has 3 factories to produce industrial products and affiliates to produce, distribute, and serve the full service of industrial products. Along with support driving the industry and the agricultural sector for more than 50 years.


Established the business by buying and selling the electric motors and industrial fans by 1stand 2nd generation.


Open the motor, water pump and industrial fan manufacturing factory.


3nd generation conduct the business, start importing other industrial goods from Transmission product.


Invest in a large industrial fan factory.


Expanded to produce indoor fan products by joint venture with foreign.


Restructuring the company by separate the production business and the trading business is apart. It is divided into any business groups.


Expand business into project and government projects.


Open the Wentz Manufacturing Group Factory to expand production base.


Construction of additional factories and distribution centers by moving factory and the distribution center in the same place.
By the present, TN Group has more than 1,000 employees and plans to expand two production bases with new distribution centers.